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All grip, no slip. Designed from the heART.

Earth Friendly Cork Yoga Mats

Welcome to Yoganomalous

Manifest a deeper connection to your practice with natural props that come from our mother earth. Yoganomalous believes in creating a better world with recyclable and renewable plant-based surfaces for you, your practice and the planet! Every Yoganomalous prop is thoughtfully designed for you and your movements, elevating your practice with durability, quality, sustainability, exceptional grip and beauty. With authentic designs created from the heART and a deep love for the environment, Yoganomalous creates props you can take pride in adding to your yoga or fitness routine. Yoganomalous is a small woman owned and operated wellness brand in Philadelphia. Here at Yoganomalous giving back is a vital part of each prop, focusing heavily on organizations that strive to create a healthier earth and a brighter future.


The removal of cork bark every 8-10 years causes no harm to the trees themselves and helps

the trees grow.


Cork releases a waxy substance known as Suberin, which renders cork impervious to moisture. 


Suberin naturally repels small organisms, making cork resistant to the growth of bacterias, fungus and mold. 


Yoganomalous mats are 100% PVC free, and free of harmful chemicals. Our mats are backed by 100% tree rubber. 

Better Support

Tree rubber is an effective energy dampener, absorbing shock, and reducing the impact on your  joints.

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"Cream rises to the top girl! I tested out a new mat between my first cork and my current cork and I'll never try a new mat again. Cork for life!"

Kim P. | Moon Phase Cork Yoga Mat

We Only Have One Home

So Yoganomalous Plants a tree for every item purchased.

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