Earth conscious yoga props + creative movements & flows
by Leah Jeter

Welcome! Yoganomalous creates unique yoga props that are thoughtfully designed by hand and come from the heART !


With the current state of our Mother Earth, Yoganomalous is committed to creating

eco-conscious products.

Sustainable Resources 

Yoganomalous keeps the environment in mind, so you can put deeper focus into your practice.

Handmade Art

Every Yoganomalous Prop is individually designed by hand with original artwork and non-toxic supplies.

Giving back

The shop is passionate about reducing the impact that people and many traditional yoga props have on our planet.

About the props~

Better support for your practice   +    Better support for the people    +    Better support for our planet

           Welcome to Yoganomalous!           

Yoganomalous is a small woman owned and operated wellness brand that creates hand made artisan yoga props while offering unique and creative classes in a virtual space. Yoganomalous began in 2015 by Leah Jeter and has evolved from a personal yoga journey to a community of beauty, art and movement. Here at Yoganomalous giving back is a vital part of each product, prop and flow, focusing heavily on organizations that strive to create a better, more sustainable world. From planting trees and cleaning oceans, to feeding kids, Yoganomalous is on a mission to spread healing, love and art! This space is growing, so join us and be Yoganomalous! 


Introducing the
Ultra Thin Travel Mat

Welcoming the Fall Focus
The Magick Design! 

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