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Beautifully Designed Yoga Mats

From the heART.


With the current state of our Mother Earth, Yoganomalous

 strives to create eco-conscious products.

Sustainable Resources 

Yoganomalous keeps the environment in mind, so you can put deeper focus into your practice.

Giving back

The shop is passionate about reducing the impact that people and many traditional yoga props have on our planet.


Hello! My name is Leah and I am an artist and a certified yoga instructor in Philadelphia, PA. 


I committed to my practice in 2014, and was certified by the Yoga Alliance in 2017. My love for yoga was discovered in healing from past traumas and physical illness. As an artist I use my varying skills and talents to make beautiful one-of-a-kind designs and create unique yoga mats. 


To learn more, please feel free to explore the site or reach out to me to chat and connect! 


Seek wonder always,


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