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Cleaning Cork Mats

Cork is super easy to care for!

Cork releases a waxy substance known as Suberin, which gives cork antimicrobial properties. The Suberin naturally repels small organisms, making cork more resistant to the growth of bacterias, fungus and mold. This also reduces the build-up of unpleasant odors.

This makes cleaning your mat easier.

How to clean your mat:

Please note handmade items require special care.


Cork is anti-fungal and self cleansing, however body oil and dirt can build up on the surface. Wipe away dirt and oil from the surface of the mat with mild soap and water as needed. 


It is recommended that you only mild soap andwater as harsh cleaners can damage the artwork.


A diluted vinegar solution (1/4 vinegar to water mixed in a bottle) can be used in place of a mild soap. 

Each mat is designed by hand and shouldbe treated with care to protect the artwork. Do not scrub the artwork.

Air dry the mat before rolling it back up.


Roll the mat up, cork side out only.