The Yoganomalous Shop is here to help you manifest a deeper connection to your practice with natural cork mats and props. Yoganomalous infuses yoga, sustainability & creativity to make original cork props with a passion that have less of an impact on our mother earth! The Yoganomalous cork yoga mat is crafted from mediterranean cork and all natural tree rubber to make the perfect biodegradable, plant-based surface for you, your practice and the planet! Feel the cork difference!


Here are some benefits of a Yoganomalous cork yoga mat:

• Yoganomalous mats are made from cork and all natural tree rubber.
• There are no synthetic rubber blends, no PVC or TPE, for a more sustainable, biodegradable mat!
• Cork is naturally non-slip, making it perfect for hot yoga and vigorous practice.
• Cork is also antimicrobial and odor resistant, helping to keep the surface of your mat fresh.
• Shock absorbing tree rubber cushions your movements and is best for joint support.
• Natural cotton netting between the cork and rubber prevents rips and tears.
• Cork is durable and lasting, creating a mat you’ll have long term.
• Mindfully created to be free of harsh chemicals and toxins.
• Every design and logo is original artwork, and is individually handmade to last.

♥ With each cork yoga mat purchase, one tree is planted with One Tree Planted.
♥ With each cork yoga mat purchase a donation is made to Art Well to help children heal with open heARTs.



In the cellular walls of cork tissue there is a waxy substance known as Suberin, which renders cork impervious to moisture. This keeps the traction between the cork and your skin, giving cork its ultra non-slip attributes, and making cork yoga mats perfect for hot yoga and vigorous practice. The Suberin in cork also gives it antimicrobial properties. Suberin naturally repels small organisms, making cork resistant to the growth of bacterias, fungus and mold. This also reduces the build-up of unpleasant odors and helps to keep the surface of your mat fresh.


• Bare mat with handmade logo at bottom.
• 72" x 26", 4MM. 7 lbs.
• Each mat comes with simple care instructions.
• Carrying sling that doubles as a strap for your practice included!

Bare Cork Yoga Mat

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