Saving Our Bees

"These creatures are often small in size, but they play absolutely gigantic roles in agriculture, ecosystem services, and biodiversity on our planet. Without them, life would not be the same, and we would be looking at a very bleak planet."

With each The Bees design sold, a donation is made to support The Honeybee Conservancy in their mission to save the bees and educate people about just how important they are in the process.

The Honeybee


The Honeybee Conservancy is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping our bees, while working to bring education, resources and more access to organic and sustainable food in under-served areas.

Here are some bee Facts, so you can bee aware of just how much bees need us!


Beekeepers have been reporting annual hive losses of 30 percent or higher for the past 10 years.


1 in 4 wild bee species in the U.S. currently at risk of extinction.


Many factors influence the decline of bees, including pesticides, habitat loss, climate change, and colony collapse disorder.


Bees play a major role in pollination for most ecosystems. 90% of flowering plant species dependent on insect pollination to thrive.


Many species are dependent on bees to survive. Food source, like berries, fruits, seeds, and nuts, rely on insect pollination.


Pollination also allows floral growth, which provides habitats for many animals, birds and insects.


No bees = No fruits, vegetable or nuts.

*The Yoganomalous Shop is not an official sponsor or partner with The Honeybee Conservancy. A portion of each sale is donated individually.