What is Yoganomalous?

Yoga (union) Anomalous (abnormal)

Yoganomalous sparked from the idea that yoga is a journey experience uniquely by each of us. We are all individuals, some of us anomalous at our core, and to be Yoganomalous reflects and celebrates the union of what is abnormal within the spiritual exploration of Yoga.

To be Yoganomalous is to discover, understand and embrace what is exclusive about you and your journey. The Yoganomalous Yogi explores inner and outer worlds to find out what makes each of us unique. We experience the vast connection between everything, and know that we are each different, yet still one with the entire universe.

Yoganomalous Yogis care equally about what is inside and outside of our beings, nurturing not only our bodies and souls, but also nurturing the planet and people as a whole. We consciously intertwine the anomalous self with our spiritual practice to create a path that fits us each individually. To be Yoganomalous is to manifest the energy you require to create a better self, and in turn be part of creating a better world.

Are you Yoganomalous?


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