Free Arts LA

“Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life.”


~John Lubbock

With each strap sold, or any other accessories or meditation tool purchased, a donation is made to support the wellbeing of our at-risk youth in creative ways through Free Arts LA.

  Free Arts LA  

Free Arts LA is dedicated to helping children and youth cope with abuse, neglect, poverty, and homelessness with artistic expression. Art helps build confidence and critical thinking skills, helping to develop healthier coping mechanisms and emotional responses.

When a child grows up in an abusive or neglectful situations they often develop mental illness, behavioral problems, lack of coping mechanisms, and limited critical thinking abilities. Countless children are abused on a daily basis and these children are at risk of dropping out of school, developing substance abuse problems and addiction, and may even grow to take on their abusers aggressive behaviors without proper healing. Art is full of the potential to promote healing, and art therapy can help at-risk children and teens develop a healthier mental state after experiencing hardship.

Why art?

Because art HEALS. Abuse changes the way our brain functions. Research shows that child abuse often leads to excessive behaviors and extreme responses to minor triggers as a result of decreased frontal lobe functioning, the part of the brain responsible for learning and problem solving. The limbic system is also heavily affected by child abuse. Our limbic systems is responsible for emotional reactions to experiences and information relayed by our senses. These emotional reactions shape the way memories are stored, and in turn shaping how we respond to events, situations, emotions and people. Abuse creates chaos in how we learn to respond, leading to anger, depression, anxiety, fear based living, suicidal ideation and other severe mental illness as adults.

Studies show there are clear indications that artistic expression has a positive effect on our mental health. Engaging in various types of art forms helps develop and reshape critical parts of the brain damaged by abuse and neglect. Art gives us a voice to understand our pain, it is a way to release and let go. Art is an act of expression, it tells a story when words cannot. Embracing art as a child can lead to a life full of color and love, this is why it is critical that abused children and youth are involved with the arts. Art can really help one heal.

*The Yoganomalous Shop is not an official sponsor or partner with Free Arts LA. A portion of each sale is donated individually.